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There's always something going on at YHS and staying on top of current events is an important part of every student's education. Visit this page regularly to read the latest news about students, teachers, and school activities.

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Spring AIMS Testing Cancelled

Arizona signed Senate Bill 1191 (graduation; passing test score; moratorium) into law. AIMS testing is cancelled because of new Arizona State Legislation. We will hold classes on a regular schedule all week.

SB1191 prohibits the requirement for a student to obtain a passing score on a standardized test in order to graduate during school years: 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, or 2017-18 and exempts the civics exam from the moratorium.

SB1191 includes an emergency clause, meaning it is effective immediately. This is critical, as AIMS retesting was scheduled in schools on Tuesday, February 24.

Please contact the district with any questions, and read the Governor’s statement.

Yuma High School Teachers of the Year

We are pleased to announce the following Yuma High School teachers of the year:

  • Jose Quintana – Math

“He challenges us, he pushes us. He knows we can do it.” -student
“He has an outstanding way of performing the everyday lessons so that everyone can comprehend the steps and how it all connects together, not to mention that he is also funny, caring and a good friend.” -student

  • Marelis Rivera – Science

“She is innovative with her instructional practices, often trying new methods, which is one of the many reasons others see her as teacher leader.” - colleague
“She gets us to interact with the lesson and learning comes naturally in her class.” - student

  • Matthew Truckenmiller – New Teacher of the Year, Special Services

“He's an outstanding teacher. He has helped me improve my writing so much this year. I greatly appreciate all the help he has given me.” - student
“A great teacher and mentor. Our family appreciates everything he does for our son in the special ed/general areas of his school.” - parent

Faculty, students, parents, and community members all contribute nominations to select candidates for teacher of the year. Our teacher of the year recipients will be considered for the Yuma County teacher of the year award.

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