Set Your Clock Schedules

It is important that all students arrive on time to every class ready to learn. To ensure that every student gets the most from his/her time here at Yuma High School, our tardy and attendance policy is very strict. We expect students to be inside the classroom or present at the designated class area when the bell rings. If the student is not present when the bell rings, we consider him/her tardy, regardless of the cause. We use various techniques to motivate our students to accomplish this. They include but are not limited to, tardy sweeps, detentions, and suspensions. We have built time into bell schedules to allow students ample time to pass to their next classroom site from any point on campus within the designated passing period.

Please make a note of our bell schedule for both Monday early release days and our Tuesday through Friday regular schedule.

Early Release Mondays

We consider Mondays early release days for the purpose of building learning communities along with staff input and training, as well as business and school mentor development. We have modified the bell schedule to accommodate the early release time.


The transportation of students to and from school is a privilege. We expect all students to adhere to strict rules of conduct in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved. It is also important that each student be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Please see the transportation schedule to find out when the bus will pick you up at your stop.