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If you're writing an important research paper or looking for leisure reading material, you're sure to find what you need at the Yuma High School library. The library has an online union catalog allowing students access to Yuma, Kofa, and Cibola High School library holdings. An Internet browser and full-text periodical databases are also available to aid students with their literary searches. As an added bonus, the online catalog is searchable from any computer with Internet access.

The Yuma High Library's in-house collection consists of print books, ebooks, magazines, journals, and newspaper subscriptions. The library provides a variety of services to help students meet their academic needs, including: copies, transparencies, computers, and Interlibrary loan (ILL).

Come in and let our highly qualified staff help you get the most out of your library experience.

   Mrs. Grossman
Librarian Aide
   Mrs. Harris

Phone (928) 502-5222
Fax (928) 502-5343

Mission Statement

The mission of the library media program is to ensure students are effective users of information by providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats; by providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing and using information and ideas; by working with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students.

Circulation Information

Students may check out a total of three books at any one time. They may check out general collection books for two weeks. To check out a book, a student must have a current school ID and no overdue books or fines. The due date is stamped in each book. A fine of 10¢ per school day applies to each overdue book. Students are responsible for returning/renewing books and paying any incurred fees. If a student loses a book, he/she will incur a $5.00 processing fee in addition to the price of the book. We will assess the administrative fee of $5.00 to any student not clearing debts with the library at the end of the school year.

Magazines and Newspapers

The library receives the Yuma Daily Sun in addition to many magazines supporting academic research, student hobbies, sports, and leisure reading enjoyment.


Yuma, Kofa, and Cibola libraries share information and resources with all their students. Yuma students may request a title held by one of the other two libraries. The book will be interlibrary loaned to Yuma High Library and the student may pick it up from us.

Electronic Databases



Search full-text articles pertaining to social issues in the SIRS database.

Galenet An electronic database composed of six parts. General Reference Center Gold and the Student Resource Center Gold give students access to full-text articles from over 1,400 magazines, journals, and newspapers. Literature Resource Center provides access to biographies, bibliographies, and critical analyses of authors from every age and literary discipline. The Biography Resource Center contains current and historical biographies. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a one-stop source for today’s hottest issues giving student’s viewpoint articles, topic overviews and other critical essays.
CultureGrams Explains the daily life, history and culture of the world's societies.
AZCIS Arizona Career Information System is a career and college exploration program.
EBSCO Multiple cross-searchable databases covering a multitude of topics.
ABC-CLIO This database provides access to 7 separate databases covering American and world history.

All electronic databases are accessible from any computer with Internet access. Accessing from off campus, however, requires the use of a current user name and password, located on the right side of this page. As an alternative to printing, all databases except AZCIS allow the students to e-mail articles to their personal e-mail accounts.

Internet Use

We are happy to provide Internet access in our school library. We ask that all students use the Internet responsibly. Our staff will monitor all student computer use to help insure that all Internet use is academically appropriate. If a student violates the library's policies, he/she may permanently lose library computer privileges.


The Yuma High School Library has all of the El Saguaro yearbooks from 1910 to current. Yearbooks were not published for the school years 1913 to 1922. All yearbooks have been digitally preserved on DVD by the YHS Alumni Foundation. The Foundation has these historical archives available for purchase, as the older yearbooks are no longer available in hard copy. The library's physical yearbooks are now stored for preservation. However, there are some physical copies from the last three decades available for purchase from the Yearbook Club. Contact the Yearbook Club through the bookstore at 928-502-5316. 


The library has some copies of the school newspaper, The Thermometer, from years past. They are our best record of the history of Yuma High. The YHS Alumni Foundation has digitally preserved these copies of the Thermometer on DVD. If you have any copies of the school newspaper you don't want or would be willing to loan us for copying, please contact us.

Library Fees & Hours
Library Hours

     7:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

     7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • Late Books:
         10¢ per school day for each 
         overdue book
  • Lost Books:
         Cost of book plus a $5.00 
         processing fee
  • Black & White Copies/Printing: 
         5¢ per page
  • Color Printing:
         15¢ per page
  • Color Copies:
         25¢ per page
  • Use of Debit/Credit Card
         $3.00 charge

Students must return all books and pay all fees by the last day of the current school year in order to avoid an administrative fee of $5.00.

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User name: YUMAHIGH


Arizona Career Information System

User Name: yumahs
Password: 4azcis02

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